Hello Bocce Supporters! We are looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday, June 6th, 2018.

We have listed our FAQ for you and your guests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the event?
Campo di Bocce of Livermore
175 E Vineyard Ave
Livermore CA, 94401

Campo di Bocce website

What time should I arrive?
Player Registration: 10:30 AM
Guests: 11:30 AM

*Guests are allowed to arrive throughout the day and are able to rotate on a team in the tournament via Team Captain and bocce commissioner approval.

Are tickets required for entry?

Yes. All sponsors must submit player and guest names. They will be required to check-in at the registration for access.

What is the schedule for the day?
10:30 AM – Registration Opens
12:00 AM – Round Robin Tournament Begins (48 teams compete for a playoff spot)
2:00 PM – Suggested Arrival for Non-Player Guests or VIP Networking
5:00 PM – Tiebreakers played (LIVE AUCTION)
5:15 PM – Playoffs Quarter Finals (16 Teams Advance)
5:50 PM – Playoff Semifinals (4 Teams Advance)
6:30 – Finals
7:00 – Trophy Presentations & Closing Remarks

Can I buy tickets to the event?
We are sorry this event is closed to the general public. Sponsored teams may invite a specified amount of guests and they must be registered to enter.

How can I get invited?
You must be invited by Coach Madden or Coach Mariucci. Sponsors are allowed to invite guests on behalf of their company.

What should I wear?
Summer Casual. We love fashionistas, sports apparel and team uniforms. Many groups show up with “themes” and make for memorable photos. Ladies, heels are definitely NOT allowed for any bocce players. The weather: average temperature is 80 degrees during this time of year.

Will News & Media Outlets be there?
Yes. Media will be present and must request a media pass by emailing info@maddenmariuccibocce.com

Media passes will not be given the day of the tournament.

Where should I park?
410 Vineyard Ave (at Isabelle Ave) Pleasanton, CA 94566

The Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery parking lot will have an ongoing shuttle for guests (Outer Parking Stalls). The main Campo di Bocce parking lot is restricted and will be full.

Please note that street parking will be limited due to city regulations. Park at your own risk.

Is the event 21 and older?
All minors must be approved prior to event, at registration properly identified and accompanied by a guardian. You must be over 21 to consume alcohol.

Are there local hotels?
Yes, stay at the European-style Rose Hotel in downtown Pleasanton
Or the Livermore Courtyard Marriott

Will there be Taxi’s or transportation?
Yes, at the event front desk we can arrange transportation for you at the event. Also, we will be having a shuttle from San Francisco.

What are the rules of the Bocce Tournament?
Click here to view Tournament Rules

Can amateurs play? Are there professionals bocce players?
We welcome first timers, however there is some skill in rolling bocce balls. Be familiar with the game and scoring (Referee’s and teammates can teach you onsite). Professional bocce players are NOT allowed. This event is for fun and to benefit charity, please respect integrity of our event.

How do I play Bocce?
Pick up a glass of wine and roll the ball. (Just Kidding)
Here is a short YouTube video that shows you how to play.

Will there be breaks between rounds?
Yes, some teams may have up to an hour between “bye” rounds. This gives you ample opportunity to network, enjoy the live music, food, wineries and the entirety of this nostalgic event.

Can I get autographs/pictures with Coaches Madden, Mooch & other celebrities?
We suggest that you respect the event and do not bombard their game play. During breaks and between rounds will be the best time to approach.

We will not allow any solicitors, walk-up guests or any other persons who have not been previously approved for the event. All guests will have a custom Madden-Mariucci identification to enter the event.

How do I know when my team plays?
There will be a large tournament board designated in the facility. Each team will be listed and who your opponent will be. If you have questions see a Zebra aka Referee.

I have a last minute guest change or player change
Please send an email to info@maddenmariuccibocce.com and have your guest arrive at the will call table, the day of the event .

Will there be a professional photographer at the Event?
Yes, our photographers will be snapping photos the entire day. Following the event you will be able to view them on our Facebook page facebook.com/Battleofthebaybocce

Can I bring a camera?
Yes, however, no unauthorized professional photography/video taping will be allowed.

What kind of food will be served?
There will be a wide array of signature dishes selected by Campo di Bocce’s Chef Micheal. There are appetizers, lunch, dinner and dessert options prepared especially for the event and cooked throughout the day. Let’s be honest, the food is amazing and every year supporters look forward to the delicious options. It is an all you can eat buffet style menu, so please bring your appetite. Vegan and gluten-free options will be available.

Should I bring business cards?
Yes, grab a stack. (Pick-up twice the amount of cards)

Which charities does this event support?
The “Battle of the Bay” tournament has supported: Special Olympics of Northern California and their yearly programs which offer free services for athletes that participate in a plethora of sports. In addition, they pave the way for the diabetic community, by assisting the mission of the Type I -Diabetes Research. Youth football has a very special place in these legendary Coaches hearts. Madden and Mariucci support the Tri-Valley High School football programs by providing resources for updated equipment and money towards football helmets that help fight concussions. Also, the Mariucci Family Foundation does a phenomenal job with their annual Down Syndrome football camp, it is a one of a kind event that allows special kids & adults the platform to play football.

Can I make a general donation at the event? Will there be a live auction?
Yes. We welcome contributions from the heart. We will also have a live auction featuring some cool big-ticket items you can bid on the day of the event. All checks payable to Madden Charities (Non-Profit 501 c3).